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Gothers short movie (work in progress)

Feel free to shout out ideas- this is the first draft of the script (the first 20 or so slides, full beginning and ending are done) and thus nothing has been done as of yet with editing or sketching. Anything that is a possiblity for me to sketch will be added. Again, feel free to be a film critic even though this is just the script. Enjoy and again, I am but the humble writer that lives to please the audience.



BRAINS short


Setting- black and white

Panel #1: moon above trees


#2: Tree limb

#3: Foot crunching leaves while running.

#4: Above view- person running through forest.

#5: Person’s hair gets caught in a branch- struggles-

#6: gets freed

#7: Continues running- view of behind, ghosts/black mass persuing person.

#8: Castle ahead

#9: Draw bridge lowers

#10: Horde goes across the drawbridge and at the mass.

#11: Person goes across the drawbridge and into the courtyard.

#12: Castle’s door opens.

#13: person goes inside.


Setting: dark colors (red) and everything becomes colored but in dark tones.


#14: large room is filled with people chatting here and there, red sofas line the walls and in front of the fire place.

#15: Person walks over to a sofa and sits.

#16: Person jumps when a scolding shout reaches her ears. Looks down

#17: Ratz shakes a scolding fist at the person

#18: Person apologizes




Ratz climbs up the person’s arm and perches on shoulder.

Person glances at Ratz

Ratz runs around the person’s head then knocks.

Skull opens like a hinged lid.

Ratz smacks lips and dives in.

Reappears with brain mush in both paws.

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