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Scarlet Shadows Outtake #2


#2 Bargaining


Archer watched the five year old. Eve looked up at him in delight as he held his bargaining chip.

“If you promise to be a big girl and sleep in your own bed from tonight onward, I’ll get you the doll house that goes to this doll.” He bribed.

Eve looked at the doll in his hands, when her eyes lit up with excitement he lowered it further for her to see up close. She nodded vigorously before grabbing the doll and running up to her room.


Many, many hours later


Darcy finally caved and he deepened the kiss as he climbed on top of her. Part way through deepening the kiss he felt her freeze. When he paused he heard what his bride did: a timid knock. With a groan he plopped ungracefully on his side of the bed as once again his bride went to bring their ward into their bed. When Eve snuggled under the covers between the two of them, his emerald eyes narrowed.

“It’s only for tonight,” Darcy mouthed.

‘That’s what you said last night.’ He mentally grumbled as he thought of what he’d need to bribe his parents to take Eve for a full weekend.


Topics: humor, couple, vampire
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