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Oakhaven: Now on Amazon & Kindle!

At last! Oakhaven is now on as well as Kindle everywhere worldwide!


Julie Macyntire is an ordinary teenage girl. Or so she thought up until 9th grade when she was
kidnapped by the Notorious Serial-Killer James O'Brian. Now in her senior year, the events of 9th
grade still cause her to be ridiculed and cast from the glow of society. Harrassed, picked on,
some have even stooped low enough to accuse her of being O'Brian's apprentice. What could possibly
make them think such a thing? Find out when her and her family move away fromt he stereotyping and ridicule
to the beautiful town of Oakhaven. Little does Julie know, the events of 9th Grade are going to catch with her
there in a way she'd never have thought possible, in the form of an alter-ego that's hell-bent on finishing O'Brian's work. Oakhaven's history is bloody, full of witchcraft.
And being as her grandfather is the wealthy Mayor, he uses this piece of bloody history to attract tourists by way of
a replica Colonial Village. So is it really Julie's mind cracking in two or the Oakhaven's bloody history embedded with
black magic that's got Julie on verge of breaking? Find out if her life will ever be the same again.....or if she'll
lose her mind after the horrific nightmare is over......
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Prince of horror
If anyone has any questions regarding my book, please feel free to contact me on this, facebook, or even my Author's profile on or Kindle. Enjoy guys! Granted it's not the best preview I will opt to make a better one. Tools on this kinda suck a little lol. Just look up my name on any of t...
sounds VERY interesting...
Prince of horror
Thank you
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