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Immortal kiss's

He drives deep into the night ending up in front of an old house,
where she awaits in her black gown of lace in the shadows.
She runs through to the back where she thinks she has gotten away from him,
but in a blink of an eye, he stood in front of her
holding up an old black and whit photo,
and what seams to be a picture of her self in a lost memory long forgotten.
He holds out his hand for hers, she gladly takes with no wavering.
He takes her into the house,
with a wave of his hand a fire starts where there was none.
A bed is reviled in the glow of the fire
silken sheets lay on top the bed with gold and red pillows awaiting for her head.
He then gracefully lays her on top the bed
caressing her neck with his icy cold hand wanting for the moment to come.
A head rush takes over for a moment he shrugs of the moment.
He looks in her dark blue eyes feeling the rush coming again.
He lifts her from the bed like she weighs not even a pound,
he kiss's her neck and uses his other hand to rub her upper thigh.
Waiting for his moment he presses deeper into her neck with his kiss's making her fell him deep in her flesh.
He goes for the moment, in a red gush over his lips and down her neck.
The swoon begins as he drinks her deep into him self,
feeling life rush into his cold hands.
She goes
shivers, and
He takes the last drop of life from her,
and then as she takes her last breath, he cuts his wrist.
Blood gushes out over her lips,
she wavers not a moment.
Bringing the wound to her lips,
drinking life eternal and the immortal flow.
He wanted to give to her freely and with a willing heart
and so made her a child of the night, and
a lover with a vampires apatite.
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