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Prayer of Death


Lost many things

 Gained very little

A heart without a purpose

A life without reason


There's a person hiding

Behind the tears and blood

That is so hurt form heartbreak

And wants to die

There's no one that could help out


She's just constantly bleeding and crying

Holding her chest where her heart hurts

Clinching to it making nail marks

Hyperventalating and screaming at the same time

She has never felt this much pain


Just wishing for death,

 To save her from the suffering

As she sits there crying and bleeding

She thinks of the man that broke her heart

And how much she loves him


Her fragile skin is just aching

She's slowly killing herself

She knows it but doesn't want to care

She knows that it' just a matter of time

Before death comes


She's doing as much as she can

To provoke death coming earlier

Than what it planned

Her pain is just overwhelming


Blood will always be there

The pain will forever linger

She will always love him

Death will be her last hope

The cuts will continue to bleed


No one wants her

No one cares anymore

She's losing people she loved so dearly

She's just practically dead

There's no hope, no love, and no reason for it all

The reasonNo hope, no love, no reason. That is your reason.She look at one but doesn't acknowledge the ton.Lost those close you well gain more.Time is long and comes with perks.Dweling makes times seem longer.This girl is bleeding but need to be treating.Death ends hope, hope is living.You think you...
it's whatever now. like i said this was written a while ago
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