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2 healed hearts

With this healed heart

I gave to you on day

You can do what you want with it

I won't need to worry about it anymore


Our broken hearts healed over time

Using each other's falling and missing pieces

We become stronger

Over time our hearts became one


Can you feel the love and desire

I feel deep inside?

My heart intact with yours

We can overcome anything


You stitched my heart

I stitched up yours

The pieces fits perfectly together

Like a missing puzzle piece found in a pool of blood


These 2 broken hearts that turned into one

Has grown stronger over each other's time

Danny Kisses(scene queen)
awwwwww i love it sis^_^
lol thank you. i think it follows along great with 2 broken hearts.
Danny Kisses(scene queen)
yep you did
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