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End of The Road


I'm broken, my heart can't take no more. I want this life to end. I want to start over again. Kill me now, please I'm begging you!!

Cut my wrist, watch em bleed. Starring into the mirror, thinking of everything in my life. Brown eyes only hide, whats within my soul. Trama and Fear consumes me.

No one to help me, all alone in the dark, can't breathe, losing my grip on sanity. KILL ME NOW!!!!! because my time is near. I dont desurve to suffer.

Not like anyone will care, no one loves, but only hates. Bullies at school, bullies online. This world is full of pure  HATE!!

No one will care if this one little teenage girl gets tormented at school, crying herself to sleep everynight, cutting her wrist to make the pain go away.

Her life doesnt make a difference if shes alive or dead, she starts believing those ppl telling her to jsut end it all. Because not even her own mother cares for her...

                                                 -Sarah Anderson

Topics: death, killself
Just hang in there sis
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