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A Short History of Satan


A Short History of Satan

The story of Satan is vulgarly regarded – according to popular and Nazarene belief – as making its first appearance in what is regarded as ancient Biblical times, with a short history of, and stories about, Satan being provided in various parts the Old Testament, where Satan is described as a fallen (or rebellious) angel of the supreme deity commonly referred to as God, who rebelled because of His pride. In this story, one of the functions of Satan is to tempt human beings, and lead them away from the teaching, the revelation, the laws, of God.

In what are regarded as the oldest parts of the Old Testament – most probably written between 230 BCE and 70 BCE – Satan is depicted simply as a rather sly adversary or opponent, with a human being who opposes any of God’s so-called “chosen people” sometimes also called a satan. Over many centuries, both the story and the ontology of the Biblical being named Satan were further developed, particular by Nazarenes.

However, there is good evidence to suggest that, historically, the writers of the Old Testament drew inspiration from, or adapted, older stories, myths and legends about a Persian deity that came to be named Ahriman, who could thus be regarded as the archetype of the Biblical Satan, and also of the Quranic Iblis. Similarly, there is evidence that the God – Jehovah – of the Old Testament may have been based upon myths and legends about the Persian deity who came to be named Ahura Mazda.

The Order of Nine Angles presents a rather different interpretation, and history, of Satan, primarily based on what has been claimed to be an old aural tradition, handed down by a few reclusive Adepts of what has been, variously, called The Dark Tradition, The Seven Fold Way, The Sinister Way, Traditional Satanism, and Hebdomadry.

According to this tradition [1], the being now known by the exoteric name Satan is one of The Dark Gods (a.k.a The Dark Ones), who are entities existing, living, in the acausal continuum [2]. This Satan [3] is The Prince of Darkness and of Chaos, and He – along with some other Dark Gods – is portrayed as a shapeshifter, capable of assuming human form, Who has visited, or been manifest, on Earth. at various times throughout our human history.

Thus, for the ONA, Satan is an actual living entity who lives in the acausal continuum, and Who can – by means of various nexions [4] – presence Himself in the causal continuum in some physical form and cause, provoke, or be the genesis of, changes there.

Furthermore, Satan – and other shapeshifting Dark Ones, such as the entity Baphomet, known to us in Her female human form – are considered as having been instrumental in guiding our conscious development, especially through the Chaos and Change wrought by Satanic Adepts through means such as the Sinister Dialectic. Satanic Adepts – and Initiates – are thus considered as doing the work of Satan, here in the causal, and on our planet, Earth.

One legend recounts Baphomet as the Bride, The Wife and Mistress, of Satan – and the Mother of all life on our planet, Earth. Baphomet is thus, according to this legend, that innate creative force, that cosmic energy, which permeates and which guides Nature upward by means of what we humans have termed evolution.

According to legend, Satan – and some other Dark Ones – first came to, or presenced themselves on, Earth to and for us, many millennia ago, at the dawn of our human consciousness.  In addition, Satan – as some other Dark Entities from the acausal – has, by virtue of their acausal nature, certain powers; that is, He – as They – can provoke, or cause, or be the genesis, of certain changes in we human beings (desired or undesired by us), as well as in our causal world (“events” on planet Earth). Thus, He – as They (and in particular, Baphomet) – can interfere in our human affairs, and have interfered in our human affairs, according to Their own nature.

This “interference” is just another way of saying that certain acausal entities possess the ability to change, or alter, in certain ways, causal energy, and causal matter – and in particular the type of energy that is our human psyche, which itself is just a mostly latent nexion between the realm of the causal and the realms of the acausal. Satanic Initiation is a means to open this particular nexion, just as living in a Satanic manner keeps this nexion open, expands it, and allows for acausal energy to flow through it, bringing a new type of life to the Satanist, allowing them to presence acausal energy (dark forces) on Earth, and providing them with an opportunity for an acausal existence after their own mortal dying. [5]

On The Ontology of Satan and His Name

According to the ONA, Satan and the other Dark Ones are simply acausal entities, existing – living – in the acausal continuum. That is, they are a particular type of natural life in the Cosmos, and were not created by some supreme deity, named God, or whatever [6]. They just are, and live according to their own, acausal, nature, in their own species of acausal Time and in the infinite realms of acausal Space.

Unlike ourselves, however – who are mortal fragile beings living for a brief period in the causal continuum and thus whose body is subject to the decay caused by the cause-and effect of linear, causal, Time – these acausal entities, by virtue of the nature of acausal Space and acausal Time, can be viewed as “immortal” and capable of instantaneous “travel”, both in their own dimensions, and in ours.

Thus, these entities are not what are commonly called “supernatural beings” – they are just a different type of being from we mortal human beings who live in the causal continuum known to us by means of our human senses. These acausal beings do not have, nor need, fragile, organic, bodies such as we possess, although – as mentioned – they can assume human form, when presenced on Earth [7].

The name Satan is only the traditional exoteric (the common or outer or non-responsive) name of this particular acausal entity. The esoteric “name” of this entity is a chant (a vibration of a particular frequency and intensity) which when sung or chanted in the correct manner (by two or more human individuals) in a particular type of resonant place where a certain shaped crystal is aligned correctly – re-presents the actual, responsive/reactive, human name of the entity.

This esoteric (secret and correct) name of Satan is based upon the Greek word that became the word Satan, and, historically, the ONA derives the name from Phoenician and thence, in a variant form, to Ancient Greek [8] – a Greek name borrowed and morphed by others, and thence inappropriately appropriated by the writers of the Old Testament, who wrote several centuries after the time of Greeks such as Aeschylus, and Pythagoras.

It is quite possible that it was the shapeshifting acausal entity known to ONA myth and legend as The Prince of Darkness, Who – interacting with human beings in certain ways in our historical past – gave rise to various stories, myths and legends, in many cultures at varying times, including the stories, myths and legends, about Ahriman.

Thus, it was some stories about the coming-forth-to-Earth of this particular acausal entity that eventually were used as the basis for the abstract, fantasy, “satan” described in the Old Testament, redolent as this fantasy was and is – with its “chosen people”, its Prophets, its vengeful supreme Being capable of vanquishing Satan, its “sacred texts” and God-given laws – of a people suffering quite severely from the debilitating disease of abstractionism, manifest as this sickness often is in both the hubriati-syndrome and in feelings of being persecuted.

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