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marry stone
Chat room (short story)
Author: I rarely posted anything I write on here because I have a Wattpad account but, if you like this, I recommend you check it'm usually a lonely person. Most of t...
marry stone
Decided for once to post a story about a vampire kingdom, almost being wiped out enjoy:In the mid-autumn of France, Alex sat next to the window, gazing at the leaves falling off the trees and rolling ...
hell awaits me
the angels cry a river of blood in the shadows of death there no life that can escape the devil's gate. What awaits in the void of darkness as evil comes forth. Torture of the immortal souls in hell t...
Bob Ghoulio is online.
"The Lone Voice"
"The Lone Voice"I am so far from YouYou are Most High, so far upMe, I am most low, so close to EarthYou knew me before I wasSo far and unreached You areYou gave me life and threw me into this pitYou k...
Bob Ghoulio is online.
"Lament #3"
"Lament #3"In days bygone, I was a star in your eyesIn these Days of Iron, I am a distant memoryYour words then were not liesLo, you now set upon the open sea.You are the captain of your own shipNew l...