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Robin B. Czar
That One Little Wish
That One Little Wish     Don't need to be a famous star Don't need to have a fancy car Don't need no cash to pay my bills Don't need no knowledge and no skills.   Don't need a good job that I like Don'...
Topics: Wish, Brighton, Love, Romantic
Bob Ghoulio
The Truth About Lying
A P.S.A. brought to you by the Uncle Bob Ghoulio Braintrust Foundation, LLC:   Hi gang, this is your "Uncle" Bob! I am here to talk to you all about lying! Yes, I do not think there's enough lying in ...
Robin B. Czar
Summertime Dreaming
All the sea is black (All the sea is black) And so is the light (And so is the light) I've been for a cruise (I've been for a cruise) On a winter's night (On a winter's night)   I'd be safe and warm (...
Topics: Mambas, pandas
Lady Lazarus
Just a new poem I wrote just now when I should've gone to bed. Enjoy!____________________________________________________________To when has the empire fallen upon my shoulders,I am ready to bear the ...
Shards 13 (Dark Blessing)
Aussie Rock!
There isn't a lot of gothic rock content here but there is some great rock music. I thought I woud share this in the spirit of cultural education. You want rock? Australia delivers! Here are some song...