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Bob Ghoulio
Sims 4: Revisited (1)
A while back I did a review of Sims 4. Sims 4, like the other Sims games before it, is an evolving game, always dynamic. New gameplay will always be found as new expansion and stuff packs come out for...
marry stone
Screaming in solitary.
This is person, I don't like talking about my bipolar depression:The cage for everywhere I go.I scream but, the cage blocks out my voice.I can't get through and I can't find the keyI scream on day and...
marry stone
Broken bones.
To get hold of some type of advantage. You make me hate you ,but I tried to love you I was  hanging by a thread... But you treat me like trash Everyday, I dwell on your lies 1440 minutes for a day, 36...
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what to think?
There no start or end from infinite numbers of time so what is the real age of existence itself?...
marry stone
Ranting with sources.
Preface: A lot of things about the world piss me off. THESE ARE MY OPINIONS. I will be talking about religion (Christianity) , politics, race and other things that piss me off. I'm gonna split it up i...
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