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Ash Rose Darkly
Burning Desires In English and Romanian
-----------------------------------------------------Romanian Dorinţele ard---------------------------------------------------- - ufletele in istoria gimnasticii meu sub respira, ca I soapta cenusa pe...
Ash Rose Darkly
My Vampiric Soul
Your viens are free, the needle is threaded ready for the main artery. Bleed it begs,  Feed it says, It needs more such a greedy soul, it bleeds, it festers, it dicays  like no other.  Flaking away fr...
Final Self Realization
So it's come to this... After nearly 20 years of being a mouth about all that I am, all that I do, and all the things I claim that I knew... I no longer choose nor desire to spew...I had nearly a ment...
Ash Rose Darkly
Darkness devours
Shadows loom over headstoneswhispers are heard off into the distance you hear their cries.With their heads bowed as sweet beats downeach of their brows.Kneeling, pleading to the Reaper who gives into ...
The Good Doctor
The opening few parapgraphs of a short story I'm writing. Just to get a feel for how it's going to be. It's mainly a project delving into my intrigue into how someone would bend 'good' people and eith...