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Emmanuel Harris
I have a job at six flags for freight fest. Im going to be a possess clown and a zombie. That day will be the best day of this year. Im going to love hear all the screaming in the hunted house. There ...
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Countdown begins...
Oh be still my gentle beating heart, time is nigh for Halloween stores to open this month. Be well......
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Ash Rose Darkly
Needle Full Of Painful Lies
Broken and unsteady I have left you so many times, the needles sting and the pain sets in slowly seeps into my brain. These pills are not enough to take awaythe pain from my broken heart. All fades a...
Ash Rose Darkly
Life is what it is
"I have sat with sadness shared my bed with death but in the end I always came back to life."        Have you ever thought that life would end up how it is today, or you wanted things to go the way yo...
Vaatu & Raava / The Balance
Image source: For those that are unfamiliar with the series The Legend of Korra: Raava and Vaatu appear to be representati...