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I hear the drums in the distance,Hills carry the hollow sound,With fatal persistence,In it's embrace I drowned,Beating at my soul,And this is what it said,Death is for the living,Life is for the dead,...
Bob Ghoulio
"The Last Stop"
"The Last Stop"Here we are, at last we meet againAt the same station when we first metThis is where at all beganBut now must go separate ways, time to get.[If I knew the right words to sayIf I knew th...
Robin B. Czar
FOLLOW THE SIGN     1. Caught your eyes  Face-to-face No surmise Touching base   Pointing knee Leg exposed Preening hair Unopposed   Opposites attract Causes interact Two souls shall entwine Just foll...
The monster and pain
Why must we choose to fight, why must I be the monster who hurt your feelings. We fight but I still love you and you lose love in me..  Why must I be the monster, because I am and will always be the o...
Only Love
I'm done with all negativity. Such a thing is fading from existence for I, the people I work with and the universe it self is forcing this to happen because none of the negativity that has existed in ...