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Bob Ghoulio
"I am Lost/How Not to Never Love Again"
"I am Lost/How Not to Never Love Again"  Like the rain that falls all over me I must find a new homeland. The roofs and walls that used to give me shelter, Are all as none to me now. But I would searc...
Bat Brat
Night Wishes
One star to carry them all.One moon to rule them all.One sun to kill them all. A bucket of star's, fall, fall, fall devouring all with night wishes. Whispering shadow's, come out to play, ghostly appa...
Bat Brat
Amongst Lovely Things
A rose is but a rose,until you pick itfrom the thicket from which it grows.Thorns and perfume sting the air,petals wilt and fall to the ground.Amongst lovely things,lost to the spring,as winter came a...
Bob Ghoulio
Running Away from Home: What to Bring with You
Running Away from Home: What to Bring with You - THE P.S.A. YOU SHOULD READ! Hello gang, this is Uncle Bob from the the Uncle Bob Ghoulio Braintrust Foundation, LLC! I wanted to another groovy P.S.A. ...
Robin B. Czar is online.
That One Little Wish
That One Little Wish     Don't need to be a famous star Don't need to have a fancy car Don't need no cash to pay my bills Don't need no knowledge and no skills.   Don't need a good job that I like Don'...
Topics: Wish, Brighton, Love, Romantic