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A Consequence of History
As Australia Day nears, I have come to ponder its existence. Australia really doesn't have a culture. It's a bastard country, made of immigrants, natives and convicts. With a smattering of Illegals in...
Bloody Black Rose
A New Year, A New You!
With the New Year comes new opportunities and decisions. A renewal of life, of dreams, of goals and wishes. A promise of tomorrow and of a new chance at change. With our wedding and other engagements ...
Topics: Life
Introspection...or something
Sometimes I feel that i am staring down a barrel of my own making. There is only a blurred light on the other end, and nothing else to see. Or at least that's how my career prospects seem. Many people...
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Goth Christmas Tree
Out and about yesterday searching for a new “white” artificial Christmas tree for Laundrew’s most cherished Xanadu.  Unfortunately, last year’s tree experienced a catastrophic base failure and ended u...