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Andrew Vour
Performance of alcohol and cheap inspiration. This is a...
Acid rains drench the streetsBut will never wash human's filthSpiritual illness plagues the beingListen to rotten minds spilling inkJust a puppet in dirty handsMemories, happiness, love and innocenceT...
Creating your hell
When everything seems fine When everything's alright It comes as quite an unpleasant surprise She won't answer your calls She won't even write You can feel her struggling against all odds She's in t...
4 Companions
4/11/14 A brief history of me and my 4 current companions. In this, I will leave out all names. Those that know me enough already know all those shits anyways. And yes there is a total of 7 of us and ...
One Last Bit
Again with the secret of Heir... It's led to nothing but despair...What's the point of knowing ifthere's nothing worth showing?Apparently it helps me focus onthings that are anything but bogus.Ayee I ...
Astor is online.
Perfect Isolation
To be completely alone.To revel in the splendor and contentment of yourself in a cell.perfectly exemplarizing the ideal that every man can be an islandachieving this seems near-impossible.putting in a...