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Bob Ghoulio
"The Lone Voice"
"The Lone Voice"I am so far from YouYou are Most High, so far upMe, I am most low, so close to EarthYou knew me before I wasSo far and unreached You areYou gave me life and threw me into this pitYou k...
Bob Ghoulio
"Lament #3"
"Lament #3"In days bygone, I was a star in your eyesIn these Days of Iron, I am a distant memoryYour words then were not liesLo, you now set upon the open sea.You are the captain of your own shipNew l...
Bob Ghoulio
Open Letters [Part 1]
  [Part One] - An Open Letter To:     Mr. Redneck Angry Driver,      Why must you be in a such hurry to get ahead of someone who’s one mile of ahead of you? A mile between us is plenty. Nope, not for ...
by Bleach Crusader
This war we fought who did we protect in the end,Only our path into glory and freedom,What we can't deny what we lost in fierce battles,Is the sacrifices of those who risked everything,Follow a path o...
by Zen Kazeno
Our Future! There stood a planet named earth in a galaxy so far away, the blue giant is nearing it's destruction as greed for power and hatred took over, there was no stopping it's destruction, the ch...