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Bob Ghoulio
Short poem: "Mists of Time" [study of memory]
 "Mists of Time" [study of memory]   What is time? Does it not have any reason or rhyme? To my limited mind, 20 years might as well be 100 years And when I sleep, I dream of those mistakes and shed te...
Lady Lazarus
Just another poem._________________________________________________________________I am hungry now; hungry for happiness.I am hearing pain from the phone; My friend sobbing of her father who yellsand ...
Robin B. Czar
Motto For the Day
Motto For the Day   Impaling the wailing, rooling the drooling, banging the hanging, hailing the failing; Shagging the begging, beating the cheating, frying the lying, shocking the mocking; Hitting th...
Robin B. Czar
Zombie Walk 2014
I am going to take part in the Zombie Walk in 2 weeks! Finally a day in the year where I can come out of the shadows! I was told that I wouldn't even need to wear make up, and if anybody asks me how d...
Topics: zombie walk, make-up
Bob Ghoulio
"Magnolia Bluff Manor" [Sims 3 project] - Part Two
Some screenshots of my recent project. I give a brief tour of the first floor. 1.) Sorry about the arrow, it's not part of the decor; it's moving tool. I shot this while in BUILD mode. It's the first ...