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It's been a while.
It's been a long time, and I wish I could delete all the blogs and photos, but I know they're going to stay forever. I'm making this blog because I know this will too. I've changed a lot as a person f...
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Goths needed!
Hey!I was wondering if you guys would mind helping me out, and answering a few questions (context to follow)?My friend is a lecturer in Japan, and she's trying to study gothic culture, in the UK parti...
Icarus Witch
Shaner Departs The Witch
We'd like to take this opportunity to thank Christopher Shaner for seven killer years as the lead vocalist for Icarus Witch. Chris joined the band in 2010 and was immediately swept into our cycle of t...
Icarus Witch
Back In The Studio!
    After some unforeseen delays beyond our control, we're so pumped to finally start tracking new Icarus Witch music! Jon Rice killed it on drums and Shane Mayer did a stellar job tracking at Cerebr...
Laundrew is online.
The pumpkin harvest at the Laundrew household this season was truly dismal, a second planting combined with an early frost decimated not only the yield, but also the size of our most cherished Jack-O-...