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Laundrew is online.
No coffee
A bittersweet morning - after enjoying a walk in the rain with Hector it has come to my attention that we are completey out of coffee. Oh the horror! Be well......
Bob Ghoulio
Vault of Fun: My latest Sims 3 Project
Brief synopsis: This is my Sims 3 "nerd shop" the Vault of Fun, a place to buy comic books and play video games. The background on it is it used to be a bank many years and had shut down. It briefly r...
Robin B. Czar is online.
Beware of the Mogwai
Beware of the Mogwai   "Don't expose me to bright lights", you said "Don't make me wet", you said "And never, ever feed me after midnight", Than you smiled for a second.   Sometimes you make me feel ...
Topics: Mogwai, Plainsong, cure
Bob Ghoulio
A Brief Review of Sims 4
I recently purchased Sims 4 and have played it for a while. There's been a trend lately by reviewers to bash the game. If I have a complaint, it would be that there's no cars for your Sim(s) to purcha...
Ash Rose Darkly
Burning Desires In English and Romanian
-----------------------------------------------------Romanian Dorinţele ard---------------------------------------------------- - ufletele in istoria gimnasticii meu sub respira, ca I soapta cenusa pe...