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Arianna Haley
What's the difference between observation and contemplation?
Bob Ghoulio
You observe by watching. You contemplate by thinking. So, observe the way I think and think about the way you observe.
Observance simply means that you have recorded something using your physical senses within your memory. Contemplation means to think back on some observance and analyze it's physical and/or abstract applications relative to something else. This leads to observances becoming categorized by importance...
Nathanael Munn
The Dr. Suess in me wants to say mental constipation
Arianna Haley
Then to be human is to be both because we naturally question reality?
Bob Ghoulio
To be human is we ask as many questions as possible and then we think about the possible answers. In humor, there is truth. For example, a quote from Murphy's Law: "Every solution breeds a new problem."
It is possible to both find the answer to only ask another question. To be human is to find out h...
Arianna Haley
Hello, you look like a pretty interesting person to talk to. You say you like to astral project?
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