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The Lost Tribe.


Lives in Kaufman, Texas United States · Born on August 12, 1987
#9: "We're Alive"
You bear your pain with endless pride.Silently -- but courageous and brave.You vowed that they will never see you cry.You vowed to protect others to your grave.In the darkest hours of the nights of ou...
#8: "I Remember Once ... "
I remember once, some years back,A girl said to me: "It must be hard being you."I remember that, and my answer's lack.I only said, "Sometimes. But what can you do?"I remember once, some years ago,A gi...
Cyber-bullying and Suicide.
I'm not entirely sure how to start this ... But I wanted to write, particularly about the value of life.  So that's what I am doing.See, I recently lost a friend to suicide.  And I wasn't even aware o...
A meaningful exchange between Tribe One and Myself ...
Lio Valleza Dear Tribe One,Thank you very much for the show in Dallas, at the House of Blues.  Your song "Different" has made a significant difference in people's lives.  I can tell this because my br...
Ten More Minutes (One of my Philosophies of Life)
So, I've been thinking a lot lately about life. And bigger pictures. Grander schemes. Nothing religious, or spiritual. Just things beyond my perspective, beyond my understanding. But thanks to advance...