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Lives in  North Dakota United States · Born on June 21, 1997
♥*•Single Black Rose•*♥
Crystal tears fall as it rains apon the feilds Happyness flows thru the many in the Valley Rivers fill with joy In love and passion Shall those who have worked soo hard dance to there hearts con...
•¨`♥*•.blue moon (a dream i had) .•*♥`¨•
the blue moon stares down at us. filling us full the hunt n thirst we crave. howling with my pack i scream out, a sorrow filled howl as i see him fall mentaling screaming "NOOOOO  NOO"   he l...
~in my eyes~
life is full of pain n sorrow but i am the one who strugggles with it the most, pain is somthing that is alway there and hurt is always my burden, but everyone who seems me see that it is just but a...
the long forgoten broken notes....
His wings beat against the wind Flying high as he looks down His wings so black as night Flying down to the ground   The wind calms down As I smile bright Soon the stars are alight And we wa...
~A Single Rose
for when a single rose blossems a whole new happyness appears, the rose grows and gains light and darkness but tis just but a rose, it tis a sign of happyness till it wilts then tis only just saddne...