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Lives in The Capitol, Sweden · Born on March 5, 1954
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Link: #30841

Recent Activity
Ratz posted a link on Laundrew's wall.
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That is certainly a beast friend Ratz - Laundrew may stick with the air tools for this application ;-)

What say friend Ratz?

Be well...
. . ^*^ . . The rat does have both air , electric 220v plus some battery (Drill/drivers & Impact drivers ) powered powertools in his garage . Do own 2 battery powered impact drivers , 1 Ryobi 400Nm. plus a newly purchased 1898Nm. Milwaukee where the rat still has to purchase at least one battery plu...
Laundrew had a quick look around his humble tool abode and did not find one single, battery operated tool - oh my.

Will friend Ratz still speak to Laundrew?

Be well...