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Lives in The Capitol, Sweden · Born on March 5, 1954
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Ratz posted a link on Danial Chaney's wall.
I've watched that... I'm shocked that those people claim to be Christians- and that people actually BELIEVE them. *shakes head in disgust*
* . . The rat peeks out from under his sofa . . * . . Ratz does agree with his friend Azrael about these kind of religious morons . And then we have those bearded crack-pots/extreme jihad-idiots dressed in pyjams , and their females dressed like walking beduin-tents , walking around screaming Allah...
Ratz, I hear ya. I believe in being tolerant and loving people as they are... But there are lines that should never be crossed by anyone.
*chuckles* Laundrew, only you could mention executions and well wishes in the same sentence. ^_^
Spot on, matey! ^_=