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Lives in Hermitage, Tennessee United States · Born on August 14, 1992
A Message to Death
I want to be deadSo please cut off my headand dress me like Marie AntoinetteTie me a nooseNo, no that's much too looseIt must fit snug around my neckSharpen my razorPut on a black blazerand watch as I...
Dolly faces, onyx nailsBroken places, self-made hellsFishnet stockings, dirty jeansThey find us shocking, ugly, meanMade up of zinc and alibisSkin so pink to show we're aliveSkin so soft to tantalizeW...
A Truth
You see, life is full of falls;And the more you rely on someone to pick you up,The easier it is for them to push you back downThe trick is,You've got to be strong enough to pick yourself up;And you've...
You stole my heart awayI'd like it back pleaseYou see, I can't live without itYou silly boyDon't you know that?How many hearts have you stolen?Do you keep them locked in a box?A sick collection of bro...
Put your hand on my chestFeel my heart beating at its bestNo, I won't remember thisTwenty years from nowI won't remember howMany times I've been through thisSome things never changeSecond chances, it'...