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Lives in Hermitage, Tennessee United States · Born on August 14, 1992
Tears don't dry up with time, as some people like to think. They sit it the corners of our eyes waiting to spill over like a fountain in which to drink. We keep them at bay With smiles and play. And t...
Girls Will Be Boys
Girls will swear Girls will spit Girls will fuck Girls will shit Proper girls will bite their tongues This fuckin' girl will break your thumbs Girls will drink Girls will piss Girls will kick and use ...
Running Your Mouth
Your mouth is running, you better go catch it!Shit stains on your lipsFrom all the shit you talkBut you can't walkYou stumble and fallYou'll lose it allWhen you run your fucking mouthBlood shot eyes f...
There's a hole in my chestI've tried my bestto fillwith pillsto killthe painthe straindeep insidethe hurtit hurtsThere's a crack in my heartGrowing with a fast startit rushesit crushesmy soulexpanding...
I'm jaded, just want to be sedatedA little bit fadedDo you know how long I've waitedfor my hunger to be sated?The hunger for more than thisIgnorance: blissI feel so lost nowAlone nowMy innocence is go...
Wiggly Worm
I've got a wiggly worm in the back of my headthat tells me what to doI've got a wiggly worm in the back of my headthat says to not trust youI've got a wiggly worm; his name is TedHe's a pink little wo...
An Accidental Suicide
I'm trapped inside these walls that don't existstaring at the tissue in my fistI cannot go outside because the sun would burn my eyesand then I couldn't cryWhat a shameI do this to myself, time and ti...
Broken Mirror
I've wasted a chunk of my lifeCrying out in pain, inspiteOf what everyone has told meThey don't seem to understandThat all I need is a handOf someone who will hold meI'm afraid of losing something tha...
Manic Depression
My teeth are rotting from the sweetest candy that is youMy heart starts beating at the sight of everything you doI wish I could go back to the day you walked into my lifeand change everything you did ...
Did I Deserve It?
Did I deserve it?The things you did; the words you said?The way you acted, and the names you called?No, I don't think soI was good to you, for alwaysYou were good to me, for a little whileYou were qui...