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Lilith Astaroth

Lilith Astaroth

Lives in United States · Born on October 31, 1988
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October 31, 1988
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March 7, 2013
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March 31, 2011
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About Me

Professional alternative model and performer. Metalhead and vocalist of doom metal band SORROWSEED.

I have been a little weirdo since I was a kid.  I've always preferred darkness as a form of expression.  I am also known in the New England fetish/club scene as a performer, model, and Domme.

Visit to hear my music!    

*PLEASE JOIN MY FBOOK PAGE TO SUPPORT THE PRESCENCE OF GOTHS AMONGST THE MODELING WORLD!  I stand for the fact that you don't have to look like a barbie doll to be beautiful!!* 

(If you're interested in seeing some more photos... my web portfolio is located atSmile


Dark Blessings!


METAL, EverQuest, events/conventions, goth, anime, fetish, cyber fashion. I perform and appear at many New England goth & fetish events.

I have been a vocalist since the age of 15.  I love almost all forms of metal music, and enjoy industrial/trance and some dubstep as well.