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About Me
Talk about myself; a most difficult endeavour for many of us to undertake. However, I believe that an introduction is a minimum requirement for a Gothic social site. If you do wish to read on; permit me to lightly "scratch the surface" of my psyche, metaphorcally speaking of course.

I am comfortable of who and what I am on this voyage known as life. Under most circumstances, I opt to listen to people, to comprehend what they are really saying and to also be empathic.

Unfortunately, many people tend to speak a great deal and end up saying very little at all. I observe countless individuals and have the impression that these multitudes are existing as drones; moths to the open flame.

As in a mob mentality, many are quick to point, judge by prejudice, lead a life of half-truths and attempt to elevate their status by berating others.

Many wander aimlessly through life...

I see complexity in what is commonly acknowledged as the simplistic and experience tranquility in chaos. I have always contemplated that chaos is the natural order in which all exists.

Dim lit places are where I am most comfortable and savour remaining in the shadows; to perpetually be on the fringe looking in, a zone of comfort for me. Never seeking the limelight, seclusion is always a most cherished and trusted companion.

I live "inside my mind," a most difficult phrase for me to explain on a written page. Perhaps "freedom of introversion" is the best way I can describe this to you.

I enjoy writing and find it to be a most therapeutic endeavour. Close your eyes, sink deeply into your mind and temporarily quieten the horde of voices that exist within. I often find myself wishing I was a poet, it is very frustrating to not accurately project your innermost feelings on a simple, written page.

Poets have the ability to gaze deeply into the human condition and the world that is our cradle. Complexities and subtle nuances are their reality, from their pen, they not only experience but also convey profound music in mere verse.

I envy poets; is this shallow of me?

I am a dreamer, it is a most precarious condition, which has enabled me to achieve exultation and in the same instance, endure acrimonious torment. The mind of a dreamer is of an infinite canvas, this canvas endlessly spawns wonders from the sublime to the grotesque.

Dreamers invision a myriad of worlds, which they know will never exist outside of the mind; it is a malicious commitment that we suffer. These worlds are of fantastic civilizations, of literature, of machines and of art from the virtuous to the perverse.

Understanding that reality will pale with what we envisage, we are predominantly selfish and will only permit very few of our works to become corpereal.

Can all this be arrogance?

Acquiring knowledge is of a constant pursuit and must always be tempered with compassion. Knowledge and compassion are a universal constant; as you learn more about others and the world you live in, you gain a refined understanding of who and what you are. As we journey through life, we continuously evolve or for others, unfortunately, devolve.

Listening to music is my passion as you can experience euphoria or disparity. Without music, I believe that we would die a little more inside with each passing day. The lyrics of Gothic music contains many truths for individuals that will simply just listen. Art is also an obsession as it is all around us; in machines, in sculpture or on canvas. Perhaps a window into the mind if you will.

So there you have it, a diminutive insight into what is known as my psyche.

About “My Friends” Block.

As I always look forward to meeting and befriending new and interesting individuals; especially kindred Goths. I do not wish to load up “My Friends” Block with a large collection of trophy heads.

An explanation ensues…

Quite simply, I will not use you as wall paper to add color or self-worth to my profile page. I would not only consider this to be very shallow but also an act of exceptional rudeness on my part.

Please do not interpret this as arrogance or aloofness but as simple honesty.

Still wish to be friends - lets chat first.

Be well...

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