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Lives in Canada · Born on November 16, 1959
Laundrew is online.
Goth Christmas Tree
Out and about yesterday searching for a new “white” artificial Christmas tree for Laundrew’s most cherished Xanadu.  Unfortunately, last year’s tree experienced a catastrophic base failure and ended u...
Laundrew is online.
A light dusting of snow this morning, a harbinger of things to come. The seasons seem to pass in a mindless blur, Autumn only lasted a brief moment. Be well......
Laundrew is online.
Yet again, more music...
Another lazy day as tne "staycation" slowly comes to an end. Time to start, once again, entering more CDs into the library. Perhaps this enduring task will be completed by year's end - one can only wi...
Laundrew is online.
Mmm... Music
It has certainly been a most auspicious past couple of months with respect to the addition of 50 or so compact discs to the ever expanding, Laundrew music collection.  While listening to music is an a...
Laundrew is online.
Sophor Aeternus
Oh please be still, my most tender, beating heart for Anna-Varney Cantodea's latest vinyl release will soon be here. Be well......