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Lives in Howes, South Dakota United States · Born on September 3, 1994
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September 3, 1994
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October 25, 2019
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December 1, 2013
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About Me
I am Kody, though that is not my real name. It is a name that I grew up with, my real name is Kolton and if Kody is short for that then so be it. If not don’t ask me to explain, I cannot see the connection between the two either.
I attended Takini school for most of my life, other than that I went to a different reservation school in elementary for a couple of years, then in middle school I went to a public school in Sioux Falls SD, for my last year of middle school and then stayed in Sioux Falls for my freshmen year of high school. Then I returned to Takini High school where I stayed and finished up my last three years and graduated. Then as soon as the summer was over I left South Dakota for Wyoming, to a small town called Laramie. I attended WyoTech for Automotive Technology and Management.
I have traveled to Italy and I would like to keep returning there when I get a chance, I have been to only a few states within the U.S. most of which I have driven to. I would like to keep traveling and seeing the world.
The friends that I have made and the people that I have met have each shared in the good times and have all taught me something about living life and why they love it. Although they are not in my life at this point is because they come from all over the world and we have only shared brief moments together. But they have changed my life for the better and they all continue to make me proud to call them my family.
I am 20 years old, I have three younger brothers, two sisters and my dear mother. I have no father, the last thing that I remember from him was his statement that I was the worst thing that has ever happened to him…
Who I'd Like to Meet
I have spent hours thinking about this and I have gotten nowhere, and even more hours spent trying to find nowhere. But I honestly will say that meeting anyone would be great. I say that because it is not easy for me to meet new people and the same goes for keeping them around. That may be on me but I have learned to live life on my own but that’s not to say that I love that to the fullest. I like to spend time with friends when I get the chance, I like to have fun whenever I can and with whomever is with me at the time. I am young but I have been through so much I feel as though I have only weeks left. That is why I say that I would like to meet anyone.
I have a wide range of movies that I like but horror movies will always remain my favorite
art, writing, and photography
Depending on my mood there is certain music that I will listen to