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Lives in not now i am painting my nails, Kentucky United States · Born on September 25, 1977
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September 25, 1977
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November 21, 2020
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April 8, 2010
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About Me
"Nocturnal Night"

The Moon doth shine upon his face, a pale beauty frozen in time. His body hang over the tombstone like a rag doll thrown down by a caress child. "Master!" I called out can I help ! please tell me what to do I must help you up soon the sun will rise.(Master Vampire) I know about the sun but i can not go with you child. But why master i cant go without you Please! please ! ( I pleaded with him and soon blood tears came falling down from my face) I can not go with you child I have been given the Kiss from the Angels of Death and there time is coming for me sooner than the Sun would take me....(child) But why would the Angels want to take you away? (Master vampire) Look child, Yet what was 'fore my eyes
But if not the brightest light." it was a Death procession of dancers for my Master.Together red tears they wept and the shadows blended and the master was gone. NO I am alone again...The tendermost mourn filled within me.
Who I'd Like to Meet
My Guardian angel,Chris Pohl, Steven K Hayes,Rammstein and any local Goths or Metalheads