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Icarus Witch
ZOMBIE FEST EVENT SCHEDULE FOR 10/10/10Noon - Opening Ceremony12:05 - Band - Del Rios1:00 - Band - The Flying Dutchmen2:00 - Brain Eating Contest2:30 - Band - The Cheats3:00 - Scream-Off3:30 - Band - ...
Icarus Witch
Since their 2004 inception, Icarus Witch have fostered a singular and noble goal: to create and produce metal in the tradition of the masters and carry the torch for a new generation as part of a new ...
Icarus Witch
No Presence For Christmas Tour?
For the third time this year (second as Paul DiAnno's support band), Icarus Witch are heading out to the highway and taking their metal to America! The former Iron Maiden frontman must have clicked wi...
Icarus Witch
What do you guys think of this show?   ...
Topics: PikiRocks, Zombies
Icarus Witch
Icarus Witch Tragedy
Icarus Witch began pre-production on the new single, "Tragedy" last night with producer, Dave Watson (Mantic Ritual, Hero Destroyed, Crown The Lost, DC Cooper). The band will be tracking at Soundscap...
Icarus Witch
Finished tracking bass today for the new Icarus Witch single, "Tragedy."Vocals this weekend. Then mix, master & share. Soundscape Studios is an amazing work environment. Dave Watson is going above &...
Icarus Witch
The Great Southern Brainfart?
How ya not gonna check out a site with a suave name like that? Plus, they posted an interview with Icarus Witch! Click Here...
Icarus Witch
New Single Available For Streaming
In the spirit of kicking off our "No Presence for Christmas" tour with Paul DiAnno tonight..."Tragedy" - the new single from Icarus Witch is now available for free, streaming via
Icarus Witch
Witch R&R in SoCal
Redondo Beach...gotta love this part of the world. Bittersweet that mother nature didn't allow our arrival until after 2AM, but as thoroughly disappointed as we were to miss our Brixton concert, we to...
Icarus Witch
The Witch Returns to Seattle for a 2nd Time This Year
It took nearly 3 days of driving through blizzards and icy mountain passes to get from Kansas to Seattle. Was it worth it? Oh my, yes. Seattle was by far the best show of the tour thusfar. Great cro...
Icarus Witch
Icarus Witch Bassist Signs With Markbass Amps
Just prior to heading out for the third tour of the year, Icarus Witch bassist Jason Myers signed an endorsement contract with Italy's Markbass amplification. Myers has been playing the Markbass pr...
Icarus Witch
"It took me 16 hours to get to L.A."
Literally, it did. Unfortunately, we couldn't make it in time to the Redondo Beach show tonight because they shut down the major highway into Los Angeles (after we were well on our way) due to ice and...
Icarus Witch
Pacific Northwest Rocked, Cali Tour Underway
EditPacific Northwest Rocked, Cali Tour Underwayby Icarus Witch on Sunday, January 2, 2011 at 1:30pmQuickie update, since the wireless connection on the road has been disappointing at best (Verizon ...