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Bob Ghoulio»Blogs

Lives in United States · 46 years old
Bob Ghoulio
"Everyday Is the Same as Everyday People"
A new day is approachingFor some, the sun is risingFor others, the sun is settingSo many people yelling and screaming.A new day is approachingEveryday is the same to meThe promises of tomorrow get thr...
Bob Ghoulio
Long Time No Blog
Yeah,   Wow, been a long time since I wrote a blog here. Usually mine fly under everyone's radars, but that's how life on social media goes. I have had plenty of lows and highs this year. I had been l...
Bob Ghoulio
Nonsensical prose/story: Tick, Tick, Tick
TICK, TICK, TICK Wait for that 3 second pause, TICK, TICK, TICK... Repeat. The sound of a small, cheap mechanical clock. Or as I would call it, The Song of a Clock. Larger clocks go, "Tick-tock, tick-...
Bob Ghoulio
Brain Drain & Summertime Blues
With the heat already rising & me having temp work for this month, I'm just drained mentally. I have writer's block & nothing is coming to me right now. I'll still check in from time to time. Stay fro...
Bob Ghoulio
"I am Lost/How Not to Never Love Again"
"I am Lost/How Not to Never Love Again"  Like the rain that falls all over me I must find a new homeland. The roofs and walls that used to give me shelter, Are all as none to me now. But I would searc...