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Der Kopfsammler

Der Kopfsammler

Born on July 30, 1989
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July 30, 1989
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March 22, 2010
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About Me

Do people even bother reading this crap this days?...

First impressions do matter to me. Im that person that you probably dont want to meet if your tastes are as common as everyone else, since i am one of those that you might classify as a "potential tyrant" due to the way i see the world and my way of thinking. I could say that i might just be a "monster" in your eyes, lacking the many feelings it would make someone a "human", but it can be advantageous as it can be a curse sometimes, however, i dont lack hate, and i have my reasons to maintain it as it is, but dont take that personally.

I consider myself to be a misanthrope in case you ask about my instant natural negative behaviour. At least thats what others used to call me, and i really have no reasons to deny it anymore. So to even attempt to deny it now is to deny my very own existence. Dispist my misanthropy, i do enjoy meeting new random people, as long as the conversations arent limited to boring small talk. This doesnt mean i'll be expecting much from anyone, and even if i do, i'll still follow by my number one rule - "Expect disappointment and you shall not be disappointed"... Im not specifically "shy", although i have my limitations, but im very daring, pragmatic and direct, so if i ever talk to someone i do tend to attempt to trigger some decent conversations if i have a good reason to do so, mostly just for the sake of entretainment and knowledge. I also tend to be extremely random sometimes, especially in inappropriate situations, thats why i'd rather learn from other's feelings to be more... erm... "human"... Sometimes i can sound serious (or even frightning), but im actually very playfull and easy going once you get to know me well.

Right now, im not an "happy" person, whatever that actually means... Ive already suffered so much in my life to be able to feel any shit for anyone anymore, so i believe its time to put myself first ahead of others if i ever want to continue living. Im fueled by hatred, as it gives me the streght i need to carry on every day, its the fuel that runs in my veins. I care not to change my way of living, since im already cursed eternally and forbidden to be happy, deprived of many feelings, and deprived of an working heart. Well, so fucking be it! Never dare a person who has nothing else left to lose, as the only thing that can satisfy a man who has lost everything, is revenge. Ill be living to be a pragmatic heremit untill the end of times.

I dont drink, i dont smoke, i dont do drugs, so you might consider me boring and dull, but believe me, the feeling is mutual if you do any of those. I simply hate the notion of shoving unnecessary impurities in my system, and if you do you'll never gain my full respect, if any at all. The same applies if you're a regressive leftist or a cultural marxist (self-hating libtard, a slut, a coalburner (AKA miscegenator), anti-white, support miscegenation (AKA race-mixing) and mongrelization, a communist, or a zionist supporter) who thinks having subhumans ruining the society our forefathers once built and fought with blood and tears, so we could call ourselves what we are today is a good idea - You are not welcome in my world.

Philosophically im Spiritual Satanist, and no, i dont worship a red dude with horns... - TAKE NOTE - ITS NOT LAVEY'S GENERALIZED BULLSHIT! Its in reality Traditional Satanism, a philosophic congregation that was the base of Zoroastrianism, and today is corrupted by its resulting predecessors... but of course, i wont be too technical about it. So if you have any question about it - Ask away.

Im extremely judgemental and selective, even with the people i decide to be friends with, so take that into consideration. Like i mentioned before, first impressions does matter with me when talking to someone, although i love being positively surprised by the oposite when i first judge someone. Unfortunately, it never takes too long untill someone manages to disappoint me...

I live to uncover the truth and let others know about it. Im an observer, a revisionist, whatever you want to call me. What i mean is, do not believe in everything they teach you in school, or in books, or ever tells you on television, radio, or documentaries. Dont let your scholarship to get in the way of your education. Question yourself the events of the past and present, make your own research, as nothing is what it seems to be, thanks to those that wants to constantly keep the truth hidden so they can keep you under control and achieve all their interests, like the Vatican or the Zionists.

I am what i am. And i shall hate who i shall hate. What is right and what is wrong is not yet defined logically. Its in each person's mind. Conflicts will allways exist untill humanity is dead out of their existence, either you like it or not.

So in general... What you should finally know about me: - Ill do you twice the things you do to me. Befriend me, and you'll have a loyal friend for life; Disrespect me, and you'll have yourself your worse enemy.

Now thats been taken care of, and now that you know my rotten truth you still want to know me? If you have any other questions, ill be more than satisfied to answer them, so dont hesitate.

Who I'd Like to Meet
Satanists, Observers, Realists and other Misanthropes preferebly. People that actually read the fucking "About Me" section and are like-minded, but asking for people like that somehow feels like im searching for the "holy grail" instead - its an endless quest.

But, once again... unfortunately i have yet to find even ONE that proves they're worth more to me alive than dead...

I have no tendency to add people just by adding, and therefore adding me as a "friend" here does not make me instantly your friend, so dont be part of that statistic of people that apparently collects friends on their profile pages for poppularity contests and lets talk first, shall we? Anyways... feel free to ask me any questions, and i'll be pleased to reply...
Hitman, Postal, Hitler: Rise of Evil, Outpost I and II, All Hellraiser movies (except the last one), 300, All the Terminator movies, all SAW movies, all Rec movies, The Tournament, How to Train Your Dragon, Avengers, Avengers 2: Age of Ultron Doom, Thor: Dark World, Man of Steel, Stara Baśń, Black Death, all Mad Max movies, all Alien movies, all Predator movies, Aliens VS Predator, The Road.
Gore, the medieval period, medieval weapons and armor, castles, philosophy, archeology, astrology, PC games, fixing PCs and other electronic devices, nordic and celtic culture, vikings, hearing the rain fall while i sleep, honesty (no matter how damaging it might be), being positively impressed by random people (wich is an extremely rare occurence), pissing off leftists, natural beauty, peanuts and cashews, chocolat, cold coffee, long serious talks, European history and culture, learning new things (expanding my knowledge), extremely cold places, historical revisionism, spiritual satanism, national socialism, truth-seeking, the peacefulness of being in solitude, absolute silence, astronomy and cosmology, science, cats, music that goes according to my mood, the sound of medieval accustic instruments, military marching percussion rhythms, and bagpipes.
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