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Lives in Chandler, Arizona United States · Born on April 12, 1996
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April 12, 1996
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May 26, 2017
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May 12, 2013
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Who I'd Like to Meet
I'm currently very interested to get to know others in the alternative scene, particularly in the 'gothic subculture'. Unfortunately, I live in an area with very few, if any people who share my interests. There is a dark-alternative presence but in the form of horror-punks and emos, (I don't mean to be labeling, but, well, there are some distinct characteristics) as far as I am aware I'm the only person with 'gothic' inclinations. Due to my passion for it I wish to find others and hopefully, befriend, others who share it.
Listed in direct relation to interest

1- Music (of course)
2- Art (sketching, photo manipulation, graphic design, critiquing, writing)
3- Martial Arts
4- Guitar
5- Languages (Japanese/日本語, German/Deutsch)
-The Cure
-Earth Calling Angela
-Corpus Delicti
-Skeletal Family
-The 69 Eyes
-Diary of Dreams
-Clan of Xymox
-Xmal Deutschland
-Switchblade Symphony
-The Sisters of Mercy
-Joy Division
-The Birthday Massacre
-Flowing Tears
-Christian Death
-Scream Silence
-VNV Nation
-The Gathering
-Lacuna Coil
-London After Midnight
-and far, far more