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Gracia Blake

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Lives in Yakima, Washington United States · Born on March 24, 1990
Gracia Blake
There's a freaking tornado in my mind right now. I have SO much to think about and Idk how to process it all. Thusly why I'm so glad this site has "blogs". I need a release and this will definitely he...
Gracia Blake
Been thinking a lot latey. Mostly about whats going to happen once we move.  To be completely honest, I have no idea. I know that you'll most likely transfer to a new store, but what about me? Should ...
Gracia Blake
Need to vent...
Yeah, I've been everywhere but where I want to be lately. I'm doing most things for other people rather than myself. Most times I don't mind, but since recently I get 0 appreciation for it, its starti...