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Dani L Cummings

Lives in Topsham, Maine United States · Born on October 20, 1996
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October 20, 1996
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October 26, 2014
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February 23, 2011
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About Me
Hey there [: Okay so, the names Danielle.I hate my name, but I prefer to be called by it rather than "hey you,Whatsherface, etc. I'm 16.Youngling; Big whoop. Don't judge me based on my age or appearence. I do have a heart.I like making people smile. It makes my day. Making you laugh is a plus. I'm willing to put my friends' feelings before mine. I'll listen. I'll help you when you need it; even you don't want it. I smile a lot. If I ever do get sad, it's severe. If I'm mad at you, I have a good reason to be. I' If you tell me you love me, mean it. I have a very dirty mind.I'm very outspoken. It's pretty hard for me to shut up when it comes to saying what I feel. At least I'm honest. Posers annoy me. Be yourself. People will like you more if you do. Fake pictures are irritating. Post real ones or don't post anything at all. I'm hard headed. If I have an opinion, I'll stick to it. I am open to other people's opinions though. It just depends on the subject. I'm not perfect. No one ever said I was. I won't try to impress you. I am who I am. Take it or leave it.
Who I'd Like to Meet
Gerard way,Alanis Morissette
Eagle eye
I enjoy anime, and bloody steak, and icecream, i enjoy making photography, and i love artwork, i do watercolor paint and inking the most, i cant really say much else atm, its like, 3 am as im typing this x3
evanescence,blink 182,Outkast, of mice and men, Phaeleh,Metro station,tool, staind,no doubt, knife party, MCR, Mudvayne, TUNEDEFF, Mr downstairs,adventure club,sparks the rescue,Green day, good charlotte,3 doors down,Maroon 5,A7X, lady gaga, lady sovereign,Pantera, system of a down, Breaking benjamin, My darkest days, Scary kids scaring kids, Dogs, Ghost town, 5 finger death punch, adeletis way, we came as romans,florence and the machine, rebecca and fiona,Rob zombie, Marlynn manson,kerli, busted,escape the fate, the agonist, galloway,Pillar, Lights,Pendulum, Kottonmouth kings, incubus, disturbed, Korn, a very very, wide variety of tunes.