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Nicklaus Exarchos

Nicklaus Exarchos

Lives in Peireus, Greece · Born on August 6, 1983
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Nicklaus Exarchos
Our time is passing by too fast
Don`t fight the destiny
The world stands still for tonight
Don`t let me go

Forget the sarrow and the fear
In dreams I`ll stay with you
Tomorrow`s still so far away
Guide me th...
Nicklaus Exarchos
Why did you nuts? Talk to me.
Why did you always hide your fear from me?
Why did you let me walk so far away from you?
Why did you try to find a faction with someone new?

I wanted to hold you, I wanted to...
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Nicklaus Exarchos
There's so much wrong in your life
and you wish you could turn back time
no time for sorrow, no time to regret
you're drowning in the sands of time

But life goes on day by day,
and all the faults will rema...
Nicklaus Exarchos
We see the soul and the pain
we tried our best to save the world
but everyday is still the same
all the violence all the blood and every tear
fill your minds more and more with hate and fear
we fight again...
Nicklaus Exarchos
Nicklaus Exarchos
Never again
the smell of smoke it fills your lungs
never again
choking on the fear of darkness falls
never to be held, never to be free
never hear what they say and never fall for me
one last kiss to satiat...
Nicklaus Exarchos
The Eight Stages (Mirrors) Of A Humans Life

Mirror I - Birth
Mirror II - Journey
Mirror III - Confusion
Mirror IV - Seduction
Mirror V - Hope
Mirror VI - Suffering
Mirror VII - Homecoming
Mirror VIII - Death
Nicklaus Exarchos
I am not an angel,
I am not a god.
But I can give you hope.

I see the fear in your eyes,
you try to hide your pain from me.
I can see behind your mask,
you've got a fragile heart of glass.
Black tears are ru...
Nicklaus Exarchos
Look into the mirror
Do you see your face?
Look into the mirror
Don't you recognize these eyes?

Do you see the tears
Black as the night?
Do you hear the voice
Do you hear how it's laughing?

It is the mask
The ...
Nicklaus Exarchos
I'm diving in kind of red water
I can't see clear. My eyes are closed
But I can feel your warm embrace
I don't know why we were crying

I hold your hand for the last time
I hear your words break the silence
Nicklaus Exarchos
I'm sitting in my room alone
And I'm thinking of my past
I'm asking me, what would be
If I could live my life again
Would there be a better now?
Or would everything be the same?

Would you be still in love w...
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