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Auryal LetheAllians

Lives in Belgium · Born on June 6, 1976
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Auryal LetheAllians
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Auryal LetheAllians
damn this site, we should be active by now :o
The GoatChild
Hahah! if you like to meet John Milton maybe youd like to meet me. I wrote a mythology combining Greek Mythology with 19th century romantic and symbolist theory. Its A LOT more misanthropic and venomo...
Hi there, always thrilled and honoured to have such a girl invite me. Hardly happens! Maybe youd like to talk some time.
hi, thanks for add, we are building an ayris beauty machine for inventory of objects of beauty and artworks, paintings, you can easily list your object then search for any tree in canada, any castle i...
its that bad in greece now too?you wonder why so few percentage only riots when they are getting hungry.Myself i was so apalled when i discovered all those romantic artists of marvelous beauty and ide...
thats no doubt the most philosophical profile i ever seen. -and i seen thousands.- "lets make a profile, hey, wait a minute, why do people have to know this?" hahah. You'r still thinking it seems, sec...
Auryal LetheAllians
Quote:Originally posted by: La_pomme_gothiqueI'm sorry it's so bad there why don't you move to another country? Belgium is near so many cool countries, like Germany, France, Nederland, England! Can't...
salut companion esprit malicieux
i have n't been here in ages, how are you? the mosquito character and ideals of humanity are soaring to a peak, we hide, our souls shreek inside on their patronizing nonsense, how long will we stand i...
hey you, your annicka from facebookeyond a doubt, its alas silly :p hahah its a small world is n't it? are you not?!??? seems strange. i just asked another art agency to join us for the communtity pro...
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