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Bat Brat»Blogs

Lives in  California United States · 39 years old
Bat Brat
The Writer
The writer never dies, a life published on pagesof white.I sit thinking, spewing my missy thoughtsall over my life. I am the writer, My life is a paper crisp and crumbled with ink smudged edges.I a wr...
Bat Brat
Night Wishes
One star to carry them all.One moon to rule them all.One sun to kill them all. A bucket of star's, fall, fall, fall devouring all with night wishes. Whispering shadow's, come out to play, ghostly appa...
Bat Brat
Amongst Lovely Things
A rose is but a rose,until you pick itfrom the thicket from which it grows.Thorns and perfume sting the air,petals wilt and fall to the ground.Amongst lovely things,lost to the spring,as winter came a...
Bat Brat
To My Muse
I dear to set brush fires in people’s minds! Revolution is action upon revelation! As my little birdie sat in a cageI broke its door only to watch it fly away. I am nothing but a free spirit, my perso...
Bat Brat
A Poet Forgotten
Remember me as I am, The rose without thorns.   A blackened and broken flower, nothing else but a faded memory  a memorial of a forgotten poet.   I got lost amongst the muses, amungest their noses and...